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Aijalon (AJ) Wallace,

Strategic Growth Consultant  Nestle CPW Oceania

AJ is a former TEDx speaker and recent Master graduate from the University of Sydney Business School. He has over10+ years of experience in -technical recruiting, human resources, consulting, and entrepreneurship,

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 Anna Lazarenko

Senior Financial Analyst

General Motors

Anna has over 5 years of experience working in Corporate Finance for General Motors after completing her Finance and International Business Degree from Eastern Michigan University.  


Michael Barnes - Senior Salesforce Product Manager 

Goldman Sachs

Mike has over 15+ years of experience

with Fortune 500 companies like NBC Universal, JP MorganChase, and 20th Century Fox combined with hands-on technical skills, a phenomenal work ethic. 

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Alex Marr

Elite Account Director


Over the past 9 years, Alex has created his career around selling to and cultivating relationships with Fortune 1000 companies. He's experienced as a marketing advisor, sales manager, and account from small business to enterprise. 

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Kiky Tse

Business Development Manager

NAB Bank  

Kiky Tse has been working in the Banking and Finance industry for the past 10 years. Companies she regularly deals with are Salesforce, KPMG, PCW (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Pepper Money UK and LinkedIn.


Tony Blyer

Senior Software Engineer  

Barracuda Networks

Anthony has over 8 years of experience in the software development industry working as an entrepreneur and software engineer. He kick-started his professional career by accepting a software engineer position at Barracuda Networks.